How to find section id

First, make sure you have created a section in yor shop! You have to do it!

A simple screenshot:



15 thoughts on “How to find section id

  1. Kristina Gröger

    I think you should make it clear that you should CREATE a section. It took me a while to figure out. The step would be helpful to others in your install instructions. 🙂

    Now that I’ve got it working, thank you!

  2. Alice

    What happens if we have several sections in our Etsy shop? What will be the correct short code to enter on the website page?

  3. Fée By Me

    Thank you for your reply, however I got these unfinished border line on my screen (I removed it from my website as it doesn’t look good) but I did take a screen shot. How can I show it to you?

  4. Fée By Me

    Hi, just wondering if you got my screenshot, and if you have a solution for me. Thank u!

  5. fsheedy Post author

    Hi, I got the screenshot. To corretc the problem, you have to edit your CSS (of your template, and if not working, some CSS of the plugin)!

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