Contribute to Etsy Shop WordPress Plugin!
Every dollar you donate goes to prepare the release of version 1.x


Please think about a donation from 15$ CAD depending wich feature you sponsor.
Also, if you wan’t your name displayed on this page, send me an email after your donation.


  • DONE: Centering items by default (sponsor Jsay Designs).
  • DONE: Add opening in a new window link feature (sponsor Jsay Designs).
  • DONE:  reset cache function (sponsor Michael Kellar)

The plan for version 1.x

Missing a feature? Report it on the support forum and be a sponsor of it!

* TODO: use WordPress Shortcode API  (need a sponsor!)
* TODO: add a interface for Shortcode  (need a sponsor!)
* TODO: touch() file in tmp folder (need a sponsor!)
* TODO: edit cache life (need a sponsor!)
* TODO: customize number of row (need a sponsor!)

* TODO: allow more than 25 items (need a sponsor!)
* TODO: customize currency (need a sponsor!)
* TODO: get Etsy translations (need a sponsor!)